About Us

At Ahmed's Catering we believe that along with great taste, it is important to serve clean and healthy food. It is based on this motto that we work hard to give you a sumptuous meal that you and your guests will remember and appreciate for eternity. We use the best quality raw materials to provide the unbeatable taste, while at the same time maintaining very high standards of hygiene.

We employ the best cooks, service personnel and servers to make your occasion an event, you will never forget.

we are providing quality catering service for over 30 years, with excellent track record.

Ahmed's Marketing

Our parent concern, Ahmed's Marketing specializes in supply of high quality Basmati Rice. Please contact us for orders,

# 223/152, Bharathi Salai, Triplicane.
Chennai - 600005
Near Jambazaar D4 Police Station

+ 91 781 296 0001
+ 044 31234564

Al-Mubarak Basmati Rice

Lemon Basmati Rice

Jai Ho Basmati Rice

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India Gate Super

India Gate Unity

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